CrossFit is fitness for everyone, all ages and abilities.   Our program caters to elite athletes as well as those stepping back into a fitness routine for the first time in years.  All workouts are universally scalable so anyone can walk in the door and we can modify our program to meet you where you are.  Our goal is to create strong bodies and minds through constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness so that you can better serve your family and your community.  Ultimately, we want to make a difference in the lives of our CrossFit family by improving everyone’s quality of life through fitness, nutrition, and encouragement. We want to empower individuals to truly care about others and utilize their many gifts and talents to serve their community.  We offer traditional CrossFit classes which are scaled and modified to each person’s level of fitness as well as a Boot Camp for those desiring to achieve maximum fitness without using a barbell.  Your first visit is always free so please call or email to schedule your trial visit soon.

Ignite Bootcamp

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