One of the many reasons CrossFit workouts deliver such impressive results is because of the benefits related to working out as part of a group. Sure—when you head to a traditional gym you are surrounded by many others, maybe even many who are completing the exact same work out you are. The shining difference is that you are working out side-by-side, and not together. Below are just a handful of reasons why group workouts will generate greater results

Quality vs. Quantity

When you work out solo, there is no one to challenge you to increase intensity, maintain intensity, or maintain proper form. This means that although you have achieved your goal of working out for, let’s say 30 minutes, you may have burned far fewer calories or left much room for opportunity in targeting your muscles. CrossFit is not only designed to help challenge your level of strength and endurance—but is designed to provide you with a high quality workout in less time than you may have been working out in the past.

Encourages Healthy Competition

At RVCF, safety always comes first. With that being said, as an adult you may be missing the opportunity for healthy physical competition that you once enjoyed when participating in extracurricular sports and extracurricular activities during your younger years. Not only will your instructor challenge you to take your workouts to the next level, but so too will the other members of our CrossFit community.

Greater Sense Of Accountability

When you walk through the doors of a traditional gym, it is likely that no one knows who you are. When you walk through the doors of RVCF—you are part of a close fitness community, where not only our coaches know you by name—but your other classmates do too. We don’t just workout as a class, we workout as part of a team. This unique approach to fitness provides you with a greater sense of commitment and accountability—because your team is counting on you to be there.

Experience the CrossFit difference at RVCF!

If you have yet to give a CrossFit box a try, we invite you to RVCF to do just that. CrossFit is not a gym, it’s not a fitness studio—it is a way of life. It is hard to put it into words, but after your first class or private coaching session, you will understand!

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