Why CrossFit is different from other gyms

CrossFit is just like any other gym right?  Wrong.  It is so much more.  For starters a CrossFit gym offers a broad and well-rounded exercise program.  Most gym programs focus on specific areas of the body and the exercises are repetitive.  At a CrossFit gym the goal is to strengthen and tone the entire body and this is done by making each day different.  This schedule keeps the body working and makes where every day is a challenge. Let’s go on to talk more about why CrossFit is different from other gyms.

CrossFit offers a way to keep track of your achievements.  This is done in a series of benchmark workouts.  As you gain mastery of one workout it changes to a harder one.  You are able to track your progress and feel the success of going farther than you thought possible.

The CrossFit family in one like no other.  Where members of most gyms just focus on their own workout and listen to their iPods, CrossFit members encourage and socialize with each other.  They recognize the commitment it takes to be a CrossFit member and it is a very supportive community.

CrossFit is more than a simple workout.  It is training your body for everyday situations, from opening a tight jar lid to running to catch a missed bus.  It takes your whole body into account to make if fully functional.  This is a great bonus for people with a very physical jobs such as firefighters, military, and first-aid responders. The combination of cardio and strength makes it a powerful workout that pushes your boundaries and extends them each day.

CrossFit is not for the faint of heart and requires dedication to improving your life, body, heart, and soul.  It will demand much from you, but give you much in return.  Take charge of your life and find a local CrossFit today to join an elite and supportive family.

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