Crossfit training is rapidly gaining popularity in Roanoke, and there are some good reasons why. Crossfit is an intense workout programed designed to provide a complete exercise experience because it doesn’t do just one thing or type of exercise. True to its name, crossfit does a little bit of everything, including running, weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. There are many reasons why adults may want to consider crossfit in Roanoke, VA as an exercise alternative, or even a total replacement, for what they are doing now.


Organization and Consistency

One of the biggest problems with just going to the gym is that most people are not sure what to do or how to do it. Even if they have some experience at the gym, they may be intimated by new exercises or machines. They may also workout improperly, leading to injury or uneven fitness. Spending extra money on trainers is a hassle at many gyms. There is also the consistency factor. With so many things demanding attention, it just gets too easy to skip the gym one day, then two days, then more. Crossfit programs are highly structured. Trainers show participants how to do each exercise and make sure they are doing them correctly. The participants then follow certain routines, usually as part of a class. Participants have incentive to attend classes and do efficient and effective workouts each time.

Better Socializing

Since crossfit programs usually involve classes and groups, participants get to be part of a greater whole. This is something that rarely happens at a normal gym where everyone is involved in their own separate workout with very little social interaction. Crossfit participants work as a group to help and motivate each other and form friendships. This adds even greater incentive to go week after week and feels more like a team sports program than just a gym workout.

Good for Many Ages and Fitness Levels

A great thing about crossfit is that it can easily be adjusted for many ages and fitness levels, even within the same program. This means that the experienced and hardcore groups can be right alongside busy parents, older adults and those just starting out. It is easy to adjust the intensity of a crossfit workout without actually changing the program or types of workouts involved. This opens up opportunities for growth and learning between participants and less reliance on trainers.

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