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A high school soccer player, Rob (aka Bug) joined the fire service when he was 24. Always active in outdoors and sports from Whitewater Kayaking to a causal pickup game of any sport, hiking, rock climbing, and swimming, Rob was introduced to Crossfit at the fire station in 2008. In his words, he watched someone do a body weight WOD and thought “there’s no way they are getting anything out of 15minutes of that!” The next day he did the workout and couldn’t walk for a week. He has been hooked ever since. Rob joined Roanoke Valley Crossfit in March of 2014.

“Crossfit is truly the only exercise routine I believe prepares me for the strenuous tasks associated with my job. We along with Police Officers and Military Personnel are and should be known as Occupational Athletes. We should be in the best shape possible not for ourselves but for those we have sworn to protect.” Rob’s passion is promoting a healthier life style for our public servants. As a coach Rob likes being able to relate the movementsto everyday tasks (i.e lifting your child into a tree, carrying groceries, etc.).  Rob is a devoted husband, and father of 2 girls!


Bible verse of the day

Know then in your heart that as a man disciplines his son, so the Lord your God disciplines you.

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