When setting new goals for health and fitness, signing up for a gym membership is one of the first things that comes to mind. While gyms give you easy access to a wide range of fitness equipment, many gyms simply don’t work—even if you work out 3 to 5 days a week. Below, we will explore why traditional gyms don’t work, and how CrossFit provides easy resolutions.

Gyms Are Boring

Even with a custom workout playlist to keep you motivated, many gyms simply don’t offer enough variety to hold your interest. Even though physical fitness is the primary goal, working out must provide us with a mental challenge too.

CrossFit draws from a multitude of fitness genres, providing you with a growing number of functional exercises, which are equally physically and mentally challenging.

You Hit A Plateau

Many people find they generate quick results after joining a traditional gym. They lose weight, they gain muscle mass, and their endurance increases—but then they hit a plateau. Sound familiar?

Anytime you drastically increase your level of physical fitness, you will see some results. However, if you do not continue to effectively build upon your new fitness regimen, you will hit a plateau.

CrossFit is nothing like a standard gym, and far more like group personal training. You start where you are, and as you progress—your CrossFit coach will continue to push you to new levels.

There Is Not Enough Variety

Traditional gyms have a lot of equipment to choose from, but most members only use a handful of machines. What this means is that you are not working a large enough variety of muscles. Even if you follow the pictures on the machine, most do not maintain proper form when working out.

With CrossFit, you are constantly working many small and large muscle groups. The workout is head-to-toe, and designed to help you burn calories, tone and sculpt, increase endurance, and improve balance. Since you have a coach nearby at all times, proper form is always monitored, which is essential for achieving maximum results.

Roanoke Valley CrossFit—We’re Not A Gym

Roanoke Valley CrossFit is an innovative CrossFit box. You will find no run of the mill gym equipment, and you will use your body for a good portion of our exercises. Our high-intensity workouts are designed to be fun and challenging, and include a diverse combination of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more!

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