Whether you are an adult or a member of our youth program, you have 2 options:  Unlimited or Punchcard

Unlimited Adult – can attend any class at any time listed.  As classes grow, we may require an RSVP, but your membership allows you to attend anything we offer.

Unlimited CrossFit Kids – can attend their age specific class for the time period currently offered.

Punch Card (Adult or CrossFit Kids) – We do have a 10-visit punch card that can be used over a limited period of time.  The card will always provide for 10 visits and can be reloaded once all 10 visits have been used.

Drop-in class: $15 (or purchase t-shirt/tank)
Weekly/Long-term Visit: $45/week

Ignite Punch Card – Our boot camp sells 5 visit punch cards and an unlimited monthly membership.

CrossFit is personalized training in a group atmosphere. What you are getting is a unique strength and endurance program that is varied every single day, coached to enable you to improve your technique and form, and driven in intensity by those around you.  You will never find an individual or group fitness training program like it.  You can do CrossFit for less than $4.30/day if you choose an unlimited package.  What do you justify spending $5/day on? A coffeehouse latte costs as much as your daily intake of the CrossFit Kool Aid.  Come try it for free and see what you think. Then we can discuss rates and payment options. We have special rates for K-12 teachers, First responders, Active and/or former military.  Choose health and fitness and see what it’s worth to you.


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