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Roanoke Valley CrossFit, much like the athletes we serve, is in a state of constant transformation.  We are continuously evaluating our goals in order to better serve our members.  Our desire is to be a blessing to you.   We want to create strong bodies and minds through constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness so that you can better serve your family and your community.  Ultimately, we want to make a difference in the lives of our CrossFit family by improving everyone’s quality of life through fitness, nutrition, and encouragement. We want to empower individuals to truly care about others and utilize their many gifts and talents to serve their community.   To go along with this mindset, we have created the following list of values for Roanoke Valley Crossfit:

Authentic – We want to provide an atmosphere and a community that you can have faith in and trust.  Our promise is not to be perfect, but to be trustworthy – always putting forth our best effort to challenge you, encourage you, and enable you to be your best.

Fundamental – We want to provide an atmosphere that focuses on the essentials.  We want every athlete to build on the correct foundations in order to maximize and unleash their greatest potential. In order to do this we must focus on consistent fundamentals and appropriate techniques. We should never waiver on the principle of doing things correctly.

Relevant – We want to stay current not only with the trends of Crossfit and its approach to fitness, but also in our sense of community and how we serve those around us.  We want to strive to create service opportunities for our CrossFit family locally, regionally, and internationally.

Core to Extremity – CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system based on core to extremity movement patterns. Strength, balance, and power are initiated in the core and extend to one’s extremities.  Mid-line stabilization is a primary focal point in our training and is indicative of an athlete’s strength.  Likewise this principle of core to extremity can be applied outside of the gym.  We hope to challenge our members to utilize their internal beliefs, values, and faith to impact those around them.

Transformational – We want to see people transform physically, emotionally,  and relationally.  We want to be a part of your growth not just as an athlete but as a person with tremendous potential to better our community and the lives of those around you.

Your work matters - in the gym, in the home, and in the office!  You spend the majority of your lives doing something, so now let’s go be great at it!

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