September’s Mission of the Month is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This one hits close to home because Connor Woods, a member of our CrossFit Kids Program, and son of Jamie Hampton, was diagnosed in March of this year with Type 1 Diabetes.


Many people are unaware of the causes and effects of Type 1 diabetes, so our goal for this month is to help educate and fundraise for this cause. In short, Type 1 diabetes is the result of a failing pancreas. The role of the pancreas in the human body is to produce insulin. Insulin processes the glucose found in foods, which in turn provides energy to the body. Those suffering from Type 1 must have insulin injected into their body since their pancreas is no longer able to do its job. This disease can attack anyone at any age. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is working hard to find a cure for this disease and there are local fundraising efforts including a walk on September 25th. So how can we help at RVCF?


Join Conman’s Crew as they raise funds to help fight Type 1 Diabetes at the JDRF ONE Walk held on Sept 25th.  You can join his team with any donation and if you are available, join him on the walk!

Sign up here:


In addition, we will have a workout on September 17th @ 9AM to raise awareness, allow Connor a few moments to share his story, and collect any additional monetary donations people may wish to give.

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