A special thank you to everyone for making our OPEN HOUSE a huge success.  We realize it may not have been convenient for everyone so we invite our members to always bring guests whenever it is convenient! First visit is always free for someone new to CrossFit or anyone considering our CrossFit community.


This month we are continuing in our strength cycle as we head into the summer!  After testing most of our one rep maxes we are back at it and looking forward to continued improvement in both technique and overall strength.  A huge thank you to Coach Lauren Walden for keeping us at our best week after week.


I can’t say enough about our TeenFit and KidFit programs.  Both programs are showing so much growth - not just in numbers but in the output of the participants.  Big thanks to Coach Jacob Lewis and his leadership and programming for this program.


Please note our Mission of the Month is CHIP.  More details can be found on the Mission of the Month page and on the announcement board at the box.  If you have specific questions please contact Coach Kelly Six.


We are gradually replacing some of the broken and damaged equipment (small weights and slam balls).  Please help us take care of this equipment by using it properly and as instructed by your coaches.


Currently our Kid Room is an unsupervised play area.  If you bring your child to a workout they must stay in this room.  We do ask that NO food or drink be brought into the room for the kids.  We also ask that you please help your child clean up after himself/herself and that the room be left in the condition it was found!

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