There are many benefits to joining the RVCF box, which stretch far beyond weight loss and improved strength and stamina. One of the things we hear from our members is that once they join our CrossFit box—that they are inspired to improve their health in all areas of their life. This is even something we hear from members who were avid health enthusiasts long before they joined RVCF. Below are just a few of the healthy changes your new CrossFit lifestyle may inspire.

Healthy Food Cravings

One of the healthiest side effects to improving your physical fitness is that your body chemistry will begin to change. It is this change in chemistry that will provide you with increased energy levels throughout your entire day. However, this change in chemistry may also leave you craving healthy foods that contain the essential vitamins and nutrients your body most needs. Pay attention to your cravings and to whether or not they have anything in common. This will help you to identify your increased need for hydration, protein, and for specific vitamins and minerals.

Reprioritizing Time

As your CrossFit workout becomes a regular part of your weekly routine, you will begin to reprioritize your time in a multitude of ways. This goes far beyond committing to your fitness schedule, but many members find that the healthy shift in their fitness routine inspires them to make healthier decisions throughout many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Improved Quality Of Sleep

Our bodies are designed to move, but with jobs that keep many of us at our desks for 8 or more hours each day—we simply aren’t moving our bodies as much as we are designed to. CrossFit is designed to provide a high intensity workout that gives your body all of the movement it is designed for—in a short amount of time. This true head-to-toe workout provides your body with the range of motion it requires to stay both flexible and strong. This full use of your body alleviates tension and stress—and wears out your body in a good way. This leaves many of our members feeling truly energized when they wake up in the morning—even if they have not increased the amount of sleep they are getting on a daily basis.

Think of your improved physical fitness as one link in a chain or one piece of the puzzle. The more links you add, the longer the chain gets, or the more pieces of the puzzle put in place—then the clearer the picture eventually becomes.

Come in today to learn more about the unique fitness community found at RVCF!


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