When was the last time you stopped to consider why you eat? Do you eat because it is “time” to eat? Because you are hungry? Because you are craving something in particular? While those reasons may be valid reasons to eat, we must not forget that our #1 reason for eating is to provide our bodies with the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fuel that it requires to thrive.

This is not to say that you cannot eat food because you enjoy the way it looks, smells, and tastes—but that we must choose our dietary choices by what will make us achieve optimal health. Ask yourself the 3 questions below the next time you sit down to eat or drink something.

Is The Food I’m Eating Natural?

Processed foods are too easy to come by, but are packed full of empty calories and unhealthy additives. Whether you are grocery shopping or dining out—consider if the food you are eating is natural. Look for whole foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and low-fat protein sources. While not everything that comes prepackaged is full of chemical additives, take time to read the label properly.

Am I Hungry?

While it is not healthy to wait until you feel famished to eat, it is important to eat when you are hungry. If your main motivation for eating is simply because food is present, you are bored, or you are stressed—then you are not eating for fuel, but solely for pleasure. Even if the food is natural and healthy, the calories are likely in excess of what you require.

What Is The Serving Size?

Even if what you are eating is natural and healthy, it is essential to consider the serving size to ensure that you are not overindulging. When eating, remember that you do not have to eat everything on your plate—and that it is ok to save some of the food for later. If you find that you are still hungry after eating a serving size, you may not be giving your body the protein or other essential nutrients it requires. AT RVCF, we can work with you to create a nutrition plan that provides you the well-balanced daily intake you require.

At RVCF, we are committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, and will work with you to create a nutrition plan that keeps

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