Everyone knows that CrossFit is challenging, but it is not just for adults.  It is great for kids too.  We want our children to have a healthy lifestyle and one of the best things is to have them doing CrossFit workouts.  It will help them build great work ethics and give the foundation for staying healthy.

When kids are enrolled in the CrossFit program they begin to learn better coordination and muscle control.  Not only are they getting fit, but it helps them develop higher motor functions and even help cognitive abilities.  Roanoke Valley CrossFit offers classes for children starting at age four.  By starting children on these programs at an early age, they receive the determination to get through something that is challenging and learns the discipline to keep striving to reach higher goals.  Not only are they getting the exercise they need, but they get to have fun while doing it!

CrossFit gyms realize that all ages need different exercises and challenges so each class is specific to what that age group needs.  Kids are set up to succeed and build the confidence in themselves that they can overcome challenges and meet goals.  Enrolling children in CrossFit give them much more than simple exercise, it sets them up for living life to its fullest.

As children get older the exercise will grow with them.  The Teen program is focused on building the 10 fitness domains: stamina, strength, power, agility, cardiovascular and repository endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.   As they meet each goal they gain the self-esteem they will need once they are living on their own.

CrossFit is so much more than just a gym and a workout.  It is a lifestyle.  It builds confidence in yourself, teaches setting and meeting realistic goals, and teaches that hard work pays off.  Roanoke Valley CrossFit is ready to help you start a brand new lifestyle for adults and kids alike.


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