CrossFit is a relatively new genre of fitness programs. As with every new concept, there will be people who will be uninformed, misguided, and will unreasonably bash you, your practices, and beliefs. No one’s got time for that. Here we are setting the record straight and breaking a few of those CrossFit myths.

Myth No 1 – CrossFit Training Poses a Higher Risk of Injury

Myth Debunked — CrossFit is a high-intensity metabolism boosting fitness regimen. However, research shows that there is no more a risk of injury than any other regular sport. Power lifting, weight-lifting, gymnastics, even soccer has the same injury rate as CrossFit training.

Myth No. 2 – CrossFit is only for the Fit, I’m too Old/Out-of-Shape for It

Myth Debunked — This myth couldn’t possibly be anymore further away from the truth. The beauty of a CrossFit workout is that it is for all ages. All the exercises and WOD’s are infinitely scalable. Every movement and regimen is modified to suit the needs of any individual based on their level of expertise. Regardless of your age, if you’re just starting out, been at it awhile, or are a seasoned veteran, CrossFit WOD’s are adjusted according to your capabilities.

Myth Debunked


Myth No. 3 – CrossFit Makes You Too Butch or Bulky

Myth Debunked – In order for people, especially women to get bigger and bulkier, they would have to:

  1. A) Pick up heavy weights on a very regular basis
  2. B) Eat a very high protein, high calorie diet.

CrossFit is a training regimen that focuses more on strength and endurance of mind and body instead of hypertrophy or as regular people call it, muscle growth. Muscles get shapelier and toned; however, there is a very specific training routine you will need to follow if you are looking to gain muscle mass.

Myth No. 4 – CrossFit is an Expensive Cult

Myth Debunked — The cost of joining a good CrossFit box varies all over the country, but as an estimate, it will set you back roughly around $100 to $200 per month. However, that, on average, is no more expensive than an average boot-camp or a high-end gym.

As they say, you get what you pay for. A standardized CrossFit box should offer you a professional training and coaching, comprehensive programming, proper guidance, and education about the CrossFit lifestyle as well as provide a safe environment.

At Roanoke Valley CrossFit, we guarantee you will find all that and more. Now to talk about CrossFit being a cult, while CrossFit training may have its own vernacular, it is not, by any means, a cult. Those who try CrossFit for themselves and know how useful it is are only going to promote it. That may give the impression of CrossFit possessing cult-like attributes but it is nothing more than the enthusiasm of CrossFitters to promote something that they have benefitted from.

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