It’s September RVCF!

Just want to let you know about a few things that are happening:

CrossFit Team Series

We have 4 teams participating in this competition so please make room for them in your classes as it’s very difficult for everyone to coordinate times to get these workouts in! We would greatly appreciate any extra cheers of support for the groups that have decided to take on this challenge.  There is one week in September and one week in October that the teams have 6 days to get 4 additional workouts completed.


RVCF TeenFit/KidFit

As this program continues to grow we are making some slight changes.  We are scheduling an additional coach to improve the coach/athlete ratio, which in turn will affect the monthly fee.

Effective October 1st all participants will be charged $50/month (family maximum rates still apply)


Upcoming Competitions

There are a few competitions in the near future that we wish to promote:

Girls Gone RX will be hosted by Railyard CrossFit on Saturday October 10th.  This is an all female event to raise awareness for Breast Cancer


Team SuperFit will be hosted by Brickhouse CrossFit on Saturday November 14th.  This is a 4 person team competition.


Please visit our Facebook page for links to registration for both of these events.



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