Interested in trying CrossFit?  Then email [email protected]  We can discuss your previous fitness experience and your goals as well as schedule a class for you to visit or get you setup in our 90 min Foundations Class.  Your first class is always free and every workout is scalable to meet you where you are so come on in and get started.


If you are very curious about CrossFit but intimated by the movements or just want to ease your way in, then the Foundations Class might be for you.  This 2-hour introductory class will go thru basic CrossFit methodology, the core CrossFit movements, and the intensity of the workouts. Just like CrossFit as a whole, the Foundations Class is the first step in a learning experience, not a gut check.  The cost of this class is $30, however that fee is applied to your first month’s membership should you decide to join.  If you are already a member or have simply been away from CrossFit for a while and want a refresher course, then you are more than welcome to attend one of these sessions.   Please be aware that your safety is of utmost importance to our entire staff.  Our current athletes range in age from 4-75 and everyone leaves having maximized their potential safely and effectively.  You just need to join us and let us get you started!  To schedule the semi-private Foundations Class, please email [email protected] 


We welcome CrossFitters that are in town on business or pleasure or simply want to check us out to join us for our Daily WOD.  The fee is $15 or the purchase of a T-shirt or tank top.  Simply email us at [email protected] to let us know which class you would like to attend.


If you are a traveling CrossFitter and are going to be in town for more than just a few days, we invite you to purchase a Weeklong Pass.  This gives you unlimited access to any daily WOD for any 7-day period.


Like CrossFit, this program is designed for ALL fitness levels.  Designed for those that wish to ignite their fitness journey or for those that have no desire to participate in CrossFit but love extremely diverse workouts.  Classes meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10-11am and Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 5-6pm.  There is a 5 visit punch card or an unlimited monthly option available for purchase.


Whether you are an adult or a member of our youth program, if you are ready to get started then you have 2 membership options (Unlimited or Punchcard):

Unlimited Adult – can attend any class at any time that is listed as WOD, OPEN GYM, or TEAM WOD on the schedule.  As classes grow, we may require an RSVP, but your membership allows you to attend anything we offer. 

Unlimited Youth – can attend their age specific class or TEAM WOD on the schedule.  As older athletes improve and display proficiency, they, with a coach recommendation, might be granted permission to attend other specific classes.  There is also a pay per visit option.

Punch Card (Adult or Youth) – We do have a 5-visit punch card that can be used over an extended period of time.  The card will always provide for 5 visits and can be reloaded once all 5 visits have been used.

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