Roanoke, VA runners like to lead the pack and to do that they need to train consistently. It takes a dedicated training program to see favorable results in races and marathons. There are a variety of training regimens for a runner to choose from, but many of these training regimens are overly focused on a single aspect of running. This can lead to injuries and other problems.


This is where Crossfit comes in. Crossfit training programs are no fad; the training regimen has a solid grounding. Based on the idea that general fitness is more important than specializing in any one strength, Crossfit programs focus on improving ten general areas: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, agility, balance, speed and coordination—all of which are vital for runners. With that in mind, here are a few examples of how Crossfit is able to help both recreational and competitive runners train.

Proper Strength Training

One of the things that many people do wrong is strength training. They just assume that it’s just picking up weights and doing the repetitions. The key to good gains, however, is proper posture and movement. When not done properly, weight training can result in injuries and not getting the results that you want. Crossfit programs start off by fixing your strength training errors and continues by giving participants a challenging program that scales along with them.

Constant Gains

One problem of many training programs is that sometimes you plateau in your work outs; after the initial gains in strength and stamina, people get bored with doing the same old thing with no visible results—this doesn’t happen in Crossfit. Every time you attend a session, you are exposed to a variety of exercises. This allows you to target a number of muscle groups on a regular basis. Not only does the variety mean better overall fitness, but it also allows you to enjoy constant gains no matter how long you’ve been working out.

Better Technique

Another benefit to doing Crossfit is being able to improve your running technique. Recent studies have shown that heel-striking when running results in injuries and increased strain on your legs. Crossfit programs often integrate interval running into their program and often teach techniques that move you away from heel-striking. This allows you to avoid injury, as well as allow you to run further and longer than you would had you persisted with a heel-striking running motion.

Leave Others in the Dust

A stronger, fitter body is the aim of Crossfit and the results are great for runners. Contact local Crossfit programs like Roanoke Valley CrossFit to see the benefits of the training regime for yourself.


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